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Call Centre Solutions

Prudentia Infinity is specialized to offer outsourced call center facilities with years of experience in working with highly reputed brands in Sri Lanka. Our flexibility to meet your short-term or long-term call center solutions makes us unique in the market. Our quality will ensure that every customer gets exactly what they need, whatever their requirement is. 

We offer 24 x 7 consumer inquiry management and contact center solutions to suit your budget. Our systems are designed to track  all inquiries that your brand generates from your customers in an effective way and provide real-time statistics of the operation itself. Our technology has been designed with user's specific needs and goals in mind so every call center solution is constantly adjusted based on current market conditions. We provide businesses precise information about their call center performance through interactive platforms.

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Why Outsource?

  • Flexible Contract Arrangements - short-term or long-term arrangements based on your need.

  • Economies of Scale -  availability of standby facilities, equipment, systems and call agents, the cost of which is spread amongst many Clients. 

  • Peace of mind - assurance that all requirements are looked into. There is no call center requirement that we have not served before. 

  • Flexible and Scalable operations - our pay as you go cost structures can be easily adapted to growth with your business.

  • Experience - years of operating in the call center solutions industry has equipped us with proven tactics and insightful perspectives on customer care.

  • Tools & Platforms - ability to accurately calculate per-call costs to better guarantee call center profitability 

  • Trained Call Agents - ability to tackle the most complex inbound or outbound calls  

  • Multi-channel Customer Reach - ability to integrate the call center with other communication channels & mediums.

Key Features

  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

  • Multi-Level IVR

  • Call Recording

  • Skills-Based Routing

  • Time Conditions

  • Customized Call Queues

  • Historical Reporting

  • Real-Time Metrics

  • Predictive and Progressive Dialer

  • Inbound and outbound campaigns

  • Music-On-Hold

  • CRM Integration

  • Caller Announcements

  • SMS Integration

  • Agent and Team Voicemail

  • Flexible Reporting Platforms



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